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Dogs Unleashed - A guide for dogs and their owners
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Dogs Unleashed

The Sunshine Coast is a great place to have a dog. The region is known for its wonderful beaches, parks, and other outdoor recreational activities. Unfortunately, not all of these activities are welcoming to our four-legged friends. Indeed, dog owners face stiff fines if they're not abiding by local laws and regulations. "Dogs Unleashed" aims to provide local, and visiting dog owners with the resources they need to make the most of their time on the Sunshine Coast with the fine, furry friends.

We mashed together data on parks, beach access points, dog-friendly water fountains, and more in order to provide dog owners with information on where they're welcome, where they are required to use a leash, and where they can find a dog-friendly drink of water. We hope this will encourage local and visiting dog owners to get out and explore all the wonderful outdoor activities available on the Sunshine Coast and in Queensland.

And just for fun. we've also thrown in some data about local dog names and breeds. See which breeds and names are the most popular on the Sunshine Coast.

We envision this hack would work best as a mobile app. Based on our teams' skill sets, we've mocked the project up as a responsively designed, location-aware web-app, which still fulfils a dog owner's needs to get location-contextual information on the go.

We’ve used the following datasets:

  • Noosa Council Beach Access Points
  • Noosa Council Dog Names and Registrations
  • Sunshine Coast Council Dog Names and Registrations
  • Sunshine Coast Council Beach Access Points
  • Sunshine Coast Taps, Drinking Fountains, etc.
  • Sunshine Coast Parks
  • Brisbane Parks and Facilities Assets

Using FileMaker Pro, we crunched a lot of the data together to make the format more consistent. We then uploaded the data to a MySQL database. We used the following frameworks to get a head start on the web app:

CodeIgniter Bootstrap jQuery Google Maps

Additional features that we see being added in the future are:

  • A rating system that allows users to rate locations and comment
  • Facebook Integration, for authentication/identity and checking in to locations and connecting with other dog lovers.
  • Adding commercial data feeds, such as cafes, pet shops, dog cleaning services
  • In-app advertising
Datasets Used:

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