Most innovative use of data to create a recreational, environmental and/or cultural solution for the Sunshine Coast region

Supported By: 
Noosa Council, Sunshine Coast Council, RDA Sunshine Coast, atmail
Eligibility Criteria: 
In order to be eligible for the two Sunshine Coast prizes, the majority of your team must comprise of members participating in either the Sunshine Coast and/or Brisbane Gov Hack 2015 events

$1000 (cash prize)

Walk Guide

Team Name: 
Walk Guide

Walk Guide is a responsive web application for discovering walks throughout Queensland. Walk tracks and trails are mapped onto Google Maps with a polyline using KML data. Users can rate and comment on walks.


  • User ratings
  • Comment threads
  • National 5 Grade Walk System


Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service access



Team Name: 
At the Beach


A simple excercise in data visualisation to give inbound visitors a better idea of where they should locate themselves based on their intended activities, interests and requirements.


Dogs Unleashed

Dogs Unleashed - A guide for dogs and their owners
Team Name: 
Dogs Unleashed

The Sunshine Coast is a great place to have a dog. The region is known for its wonderful beaches, parks, and other outdoor recreational activities. Unfortunately, not all of these activities are welcoming to our four-legged friends. Indeed, dog owners face stiff fines if they're not abiding by local laws and regulations. "Dogs Unleashed" aims to provide local, and visiting dog owners with the resources they need to make the most of their time on the Sunshine Coast with the fine, furry friends.


Exerceo Logo
Team Name: 


Who We Are?

We are all uni students from various unis throughout Australia (Deakin University, University of Melbourne, QUT and UQ) and are passionate about using open government data to help Australians. 

Our team consists of;

  • Randall Fernando
  • Jeremy Morris
  • Billy Man Wai Lei
  • Jeff Tang
  • Nick Wong
  • Elizaveta Konavalova

How we represent the spirit of Govhack?

Banana Baron

Banana Baron GovHack 2015
Team Name: 
Banana Barons

Grow Bananas. Avoid Disaster.


Banana Baron is a retro-inspired educational game aimed at children, to promote awareness of environmental issues and the importance of being prepared for emergencies such as floods, fires and cyclones.

You play as the 'Banana Baron' who runs a series of Banana farms across QLD, and you must balance the challenges of running a profitable business in the context of climate challenges with the goal of limiting your environmental impact.

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