N3xGen Playford Unleashed

Supported By: 
Friends of Playford Library & Department for Education and Child Development.
Eligibility Criteria: 
Best Entry from a Playford N3xGen Team

$1,000 worth of Hardware, Gadgets and vouchers

Bike Safe

Bike Safe Logo
Team Name: 
Luke & Josh

BIKE SAFE - helping kids find a safe bike path to school.


There are plenty of great reasons for kids to ride their bikes to school. The national Ride to School Day people say.


·         Riding to school helps students feel fresh and alert at the beginning of a school day.

DRIVE - Driving on Road Information for Vehicles

Team Name: 

DRIVE is a website designed to be easily understood by the masses.

The website currently contains 3 pages, Home Page, Fatalities and Roads. These pages combined contain information about safety, road tolls plus quick facts, roads, maps and reviews.

Search engines are found throughout the website, allowing people to find specific data.

Maps provided by Google Maps are simple, yet inform the public  about roads. This includes surface, distance and traffic. On this same page, members of the website can review roads, also giving a star rating out of five.


Team Name: 
graphic novels
  • Syfy
  • furturistic (year 2037)
  • open data (criam, waste)
  • true promblems (death, criams, poloshon)
  • zombies (the undead)
  • graphic novel (comics)


we are entaring data is bautiful to show that data dose not have to a grif but can be ilisstrated in a graphich novel

Australian Indigenous statistic Infograph

Team Name: 

hi my name is Matthew Connole My project is on the Australian indigenous, and finding important fact about them and how they commit to Australia and its society. I will do this by using a visual infograph to show the statistics of for eg: smokers, ages and the overall population of them in Australia. This will be presented between three to four infographs.

For King and Countree

For King and Countree
Team Name: 

Introduce team members + team name

Our team name is BOLD, the is stands for the people in our group, Ben Sakovits, Olivia Lee, Liam Cameron-Smith, David Hin

We are year 11's from The Heights we are definitely are not professionals who are great with all these programming, coding etc. However we are very passionate about this competition.

Name of the hack

Our project is an interactive info-graphic website, named after the famous WWI phrase ‘For King and Countree’ (For King and Country)

What does our hack do?


Team Name: 
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