For King and Countree

For King and Countree
Team Name: 

Introduce team members + team name

Our team name is BOLD, the is stands for the people in our group, Ben Sakovits, Olivia Lee, Liam Cameron-Smith, David Hin

We are year 11's from The Heights we are definitely are not professionals who are great with all these programming, coding etc. However we are very passionate about this competition.

Name of the hack

Our project is an interactive info-graphic website, named after the famous WWI phrase ‘For King and Countree’ (For King and Country)

What does our hack do?

Our website gives a database on the WWI Playford soldiers in a way that it presents the information in a way that’s visually attractive, practical and informative.

What technology?

We used Photoshop to create a mock-up of the webpage. Then, notepad++ was used to create the webpage. For any effects that we couldn’t code, Adobe After Effects was used to visualise what would have happened.

What programming languages?

HTML and CSS was used to create the website.

Where was it hosted?

Playford, South Australia

What technical expertise went into your hack?

Research skills

Graphics design


3D modelling



CSS Programing

Other areas of expertise:

User experience design
Visual design
User research
Combining data sets

We choose to build this project so any enthusiastic historians who are interested in the World War One history. This project mainly focuses on the Playford Soldiers who served for our country.
Our main target audience is young historians who are interested about the history of our country. The data that we used are all from the DataSA website and try to display the information as fun and interesting as possible for any users to access.

Data is beautiful and so is our history, which relates to our main prize categories that we chose.
We made data about World War One be creative and visually pleasing for the audience.
Our main attraction for "Data is Beautiful" our 3D Mapping, Interesting "Family Tree" of the rank of the soldiers, "Pay Your Respect" link sending us to the monument for extra information, etc.
International Bounty: Best WWI Hacks - As 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign in the early period of World War 1.

Datasets Used: 
Pictures of the soldiers (used for the 3D map) Playford WWI Service Record - National Archives of Australia - Monuments dataset in KML -

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