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City of Greater Geelong - Environment and Waste
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The best hack that highlights the environmental assets of Geelong.

Council Stakeholders: Environment Services, Planning Strategy, Health and Local Laws Suggestions: Be as creative as you like, but here are some suggestions to get you started: 1. Create an app which tells you about the biodiversity nearby. Fold this information into a dog walking app which lets you know when you are in an area of biodiversity and dogs should be on lead. 2. Use the Future Proofing Geelong data about carbon emissions alongside the economic data to see if you can tell a story about sustainability and the growth of the economy in Geelong. Data Suggestions: • Future Proofing Geelong raw data • Biodiversity mapping data


GreenRun - May all your traffic lights be green
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Is the traffic light ahead red or green?

Imagine a world in which traffic light state data was public? What could you do with that information?

Mighty Ducks Stormwater Tracker

Quack Quack
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Rubber Ducks

Data Story

Being near the ocean is a big part of what makes life in the Geelong area great. We swim in it, eat fish from it, use it for shipping and recreation, or just watch the waves roll in on a stormy day. But our built urban environment influences ocean health in ways that we might not often think about. If you wash your car in the street, throw a chip packet in the gutter, wash some metal shavings off your factory floor down the drain: where do the detergents, hydrocarbons, plastics and heavy metals end up?

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