Engage with Ballarat's Historic Urban Landscape

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City of Ballarat
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Use Ballarat Data, other data as necessary

Prize Value: $1000
Looking for applications, data visualisations or tools to aid civic engagement with Ballarat's Historic Urban Landscape
The heritage business unit of the City of Ballarat has been in the process of transition from a traditional top-down and reactive heritage structure to a broad, proactive and holistic city management approach: UNESCO's Historic Urban Landscape. This new approach takes into account the values of citizens, citizen associations, memories and stories, cultural, natural and historic significance, meaning, traditional ownership, songlines and stories. In order for this new approach to be successful and help inspire new developments in the city in a positive way, the public must be able to influence planning decisions and at an early stage in the planning process. Some of this means enabling citizens to have a say in what change should occur in their neighbourhoods and what the limits of acceptable change are (participatory). However some of this will also occur after a planning application has been lodged (consultative). Opening up the communication with the community surrounding the change that will be necessary to support a growing population in Ballarat in the coming years is integral, however prompting residents to document their personal memories, values and experiences can ensure that new development make sense for communities, building a Ballarat that tells many collective stories and responds directly to Ballarat's distinctive and highly valued environment. More information regarding the Historic Urban Landscape can be found via the following websites: • Ballarat's Historic Urban Landscape websites: http://www.hulballarat.org.au/ and http://www.visualisingballarat.org.au/ • International Historic Urban Landscape website - How HUL is applied: http://www.historicurbanlandscape.com/index.php?classid=5354&id=22&t=show • UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape - the internationally adopted soft-law behind the HUL approach: http://whc.unesco.org/en/activities/638


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Ballafornia Dreaming

Places change, always. The way they look, the way they feel, and the way we use them, remember them and imagine them.  What we value about a place changes too. What’s important today, was not so important yesterday. Who knows what will be important tomorrow?

But, what if your memories could last forever?  What if the value you see in a place could be seen by everyone else?  What if your places became our places?

TimeCapsule does this by creating a contemporary historical record, generated by citizens, used over generations.

Australia Local Story Map

Australia Local Story Map
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We're Rstar, Ye and WenYan.

Citizen Culture & Heritage: Lest We Forget

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People have a lot of cultural knowledge. We need tools that reveal the many values of cultural assets, that allow people to contribute cultural data to knowledge repositories, and allow crowdsourced validation, cleaning and linking disparate datasets.

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