Central Highlands Explorer

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State Government of Victgoria
Eligibility Criteria: 
At least one City of Ballarat and one State or National dataset to be used.

The aim of this challenge is to develop a data driven facility to explore the Ballarat/Western Victorian region with a focus on residents of the region. What can you uncover and present in a unique and useful fashion for the region's residents that will be both useful and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the area they live in? The focus may be on anything of value to the community as a whole but may also focus on a sector, for example (but not limited business, utilities, disability access/mobility, urban growth, seasonal issues, landmarks or the arts.

A prize of $1000 for the winner.

Ballarat Minute

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This year the City of Ballarat is looking at ways that data can help them achieve their '10 Minute City' strategic vision.

From "Today Tomorrow Together - The Ballarat Strategy":


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Ballafornia Dreaming

Places change, always. The way they look, the way they feel, and the way we use them, remember them and imagine them.  What we value about a place changes too. What’s important today, was not so important yesterday. Who knows what will be important tomorrow?

But, what if your memories could last forever?  What if the value you see in a place could be seen by everyone else?  What if your places became our places?

TimeCapsule does this by creating a contemporary historical record, generated by citizens, used over generations.

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