Best Use of Arts and Culture Data

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Department of Culture and the Arts/WA Museum/State Records Office

For the best hack that uses arts and culture data. Winner: $1,500, Runner-up: $500


#oncountry links you to an interactive map of national indigenous stories
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To increase the communication of positive stories about Indigenous people and encourage the Australian public to celebrate and interact with Indigenous culture. 

What is it?

An interactive map of national Indigenous stories.

What does it do? 

The tweet #oncountry will be featured on livefeed. 

The map will showcase data including ABC 's online photo stories and aboriginal heritage.

Indigenous War Heroes

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Hack To The Future

A tribute to the Indigenous War Heroes whom served during World War I and World War II.

The purpose of our application is to highlight the contribution the indigenous community played during the World War I and World War II. Our application provides an simple interactive dashboard that allows users to view various profiles of the individuals whom served,  historical war  images and video footage taken during the conflicts to commerate their actions and provide an insight into how their lives were impacted by the war and the roles they played during it.


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“Letting you set the values that you value”

Definition of the problem.

When investment or development decisions are being made, decision makers will often focus on the dollar value of the solution being proposed. While this is a valid measure to use, it can often lead us to overlook the many other values that people hold with respect to the development area proposed. Cultural concerns, ecological impacts and access to people and resources.


yes we ckan

Open data? YES WE CKAN!
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Bangers n' Mashup

On the front end: An example of citizens using our CKAN installation to discover data about Beeliar Wetlands.

On the back end: A data catalogue with step-by-step installation instructions so each State Government agency can run their own CKAN catalogue.

## Justificaton for prizes

# Bounty: Open Source bounty
CKan is a primary part of our architecture, and is open source.

# Bounty: Scientific data bounty
We're using data from the NatureMap service, with data on endangered species within certain bounds.

Map All The Things

map all the things logo
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Map All The Things is a interactive map that aims to provide members of the public with a convenient and user friendly method to access official data published by WA Government Departments. This was achieved by visualising geospatial information through data links and other data formats.

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