yes we ckan

Open data? YES WE CKAN!
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Bangers n' Mashup

On the front end: An example of citizens using our CKAN installation to discover data about Beeliar Wetlands.

On the back end: A data catalogue with step-by-step installation instructions so each State Government agency can run their own CKAN catalogue.

## Justificaton for prizes

# Bounty: Open Source bounty
CKan is a primary part of our architecture, and is open source.

# Bounty: Scientific data bounty
We're using data from the NatureMap service, with data on endangered species within certain bounds.

# The Best Data Journalism Hack
Data journalism is a focus of the system; the system as a whole is supposed to show people how data journalism would be possible if more data was available.

# Best Citizen Service Hack
This project allows citizens to more easily access and make sense of the data available to them (though this is really what all of these projects are supposed to be doing).

# Best Use of Arts and Culture Data
More the culture than the arts, but we're making use of ALA (Altas of Living Australia) & SRO (State Records Office). For the ALA, we're using the Natural Sciences Collections for demonstration 

# GovHack Perth Newbie Prizes
Florian and I, are both newbies to GovHack :)

# GovHack Perth Promising Young Hacker
I, (Dominic), turn nineteen on August 7th, so I'm, still technically able to ave us be eligible for this prize.


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Main Roads crash data via all datasets we used are listed at

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