Welsh Anzacs Discovery

Team Name: 
Welsh Anzac research

To provide a tool that enables the identification of Welsh-born soldiers in the ANZAC forces during WW1, and the linking of content relating to these men from Australian and New Zealand data sources to resources available in Wales and the rest of the World.

Using where possible Linked Open Data to link data together. Providing an interface for users to chose ambigous related resources and to bring together images from a number of sources in the UK via the IIIF standard.

The team consisted of two research project management staff on their holidays in Sydney after a long conference, happening on the GovHack and giving up their weekend to take part, joining up with staff from the State library of Queensland to pull together a concept, interface and to start 'hacking' (badly) with the available data sets.

The aim to use only Open Data sets (or soon to be available Open data sets), Open formats (open annotation, IIIF) and to make all the findings and links also freely available as LOD.

The team consisted of
Margaret Warren - Coordinator, Discovery services for the State Library of Queensland.
Rhian James - Wales at War project manager at the National Library of Wales UK.
Paul McCann - Research project manageger at the National Library of Wales UK.

Datasets Used: 
Some of these are proposed to be used becuase we didnt get that far! National Archives Australia - API Cenotaph Project Auckland Museum - (CSV downloads, although sparql avaible) Commonwealth war graves commission (Csv data) NSW State Lib - Diaries and letter transcriptions Trove Newspapers API UK datasets which will be available later this year. National library of Wales Newspaper API Wales at war Linked data API Welsh Book of Rememberance soldier API

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