International Bounty: Best WWI Hacks

Supported By: 
National and State Libraries Australasia, the State Libraries of NSW and the National Archives of Australia with a guest judge from Archives NZ.
Eligibility Criteria: 
Using at least 1 dataset each from the Australian and New Zealand official WWI data pools

(2 x $2000) Supported by the National and State Libraries Australasia, the State Libraries of NSW and the National Archives of Australia with a guest judge from Archives NZ.

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign in the early period of World War 1. The conflict and the sacrifice of Australian and New Zealand soldiers are remembered every year on ANZAC Day. The National Archives of Australia, State Library of New South Wales, National and State Libraries Australasia, along with archives, libraries and memorials from across Australia and New Zealand have collaborated to release WWI data for GovHack 2015.  More information about the special ANZAC Community Node event in Sydney at SLNSW here. Official WWI data here. There will be one Australian winner and one New Zealand winner. Bonus points will be awarded for teams with Australian and New Zealand participants.

Anzacs and Soldiers from the Indian Subcontinent

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Soldiers from the Indian sub-continent formed the largest number of soldiers in World War I. Over one million soldiers from the Indian Subcontinent fought in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Approximately 74,000 soldiers from the sub-continent were killed during the War. Some Australian soldiers mentioned the work of the Indian soldiers in World War I, but over the years the significant Indian contribution has been forgotten.

For King and Countree

For King and Countree
Team Name: 

Introduce team members + team name

Our team name is BOLD, the is stands for the people in our group, Ben Sakovits, Olivia Lee, Liam Cameron-Smith, David Hin

We are year 11's from The Heights we are definitely are not professionals who are great with all these programming, coding etc. However we are very passionate about this competition.

Name of the hack

Our project is an interactive info-graphic website, named after the famous WWI phrase ‘For King and Countree’ (For King and Country)

What does our hack do?

Postcode Battle (The Card Game)

Team Name: 
Level 6.3

Now you can fight your suburb against that of your friends!

Using our database built from state and national data, we select all the attributes in which your suburb is more awesome than that of your mates. We present them in a easily understandable way. Now you have real data to prove that your suburb is absolutely the most awesomest! Get battling!!


Postcode Battle (Liveability Index)

Team Name: 
Level 6.3

We see open government data as a chance for the government to inform its citizens, and for the citizens to inform the government; as a chance to foster communication and cooperation. In our project, we ask: where is infrastructure sufficient, and where are services lacking? If I want to move to a different suburb, where are my needs and interests best catered for?



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A website that retells the ANZAC story, both at the front and at home, to give people a deeper understanding of life during World War 1.

Cemetery Search Information New Zealand

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Vandelay Enterprises

The project we have built is called 'Cemetery Search Information New Zealand(CSI NZ)'.  CSI provides a way to search the cemetery records of all regions in New Zealand that have published their cemetery data online. 
People using this application will have a fast, easy way to find out where relatives are buried, and information about the grave plot - this includes things like viewing the gravestone, finding the location of the grave in the cemetery, identifying the neighbouring plots, etc.

Memory Time Game

Fun match game
Team Name: 

We humans are visual creatures. We respond, interact and learn from visual mediums incredibly well, so what better way to convey government data than through images.

Indigenous War Heroes

Team Name: 
Hack To The Future

A tribute to the Indigenous War Heroes whom served during World War I and World War II.

The purpose of our application is to highlight the contribution the indigenous community played during the World War I and World War II. Our application provides an simple interactive dashboard that allows users to view various profiles of the individuals whom served,  historical war  images and video footage taken during the conflicts to commerate their actions and provide an insight into how their lives were impacted by the war and the roles they played during it.

Collections of WW1

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Link Data from various sources using a graph db & explore via a visualization tool...

If I Were an ANZAC

ANZAC photos
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Kathew & Cashews

Our ProjectWhy we chose to build it:


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