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This projects aims to showcase Melbourne region’s safe areas for people who choose to walk to their homes from the train stations.

We have web-mapped the safest areas for people who choose walk to their homes from the train stations by using weighted analysis in GIS using the layers like train stations, police stations, parks and walking tracks (land use 2012-2013) and number of crime incidents recorded in the LGA in the years from 2011-2015. Although it may not show the most accurate safe areas because of lack of time, expert advice and datasets, the results give the idea of what can be done is very straight forward. The areas delineated are categorised into high risk, moderate risk and low risk. Users can also find their current geolocation to find out whether they fall in the high, moderate or low risk areas. Additional constraints and conditions can be added to the analysis to get to the best results. Also, emergency alert message or calling functionality can be added to the interface to enhance its usage.

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