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Victorian Government
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Your hack must propose a simpler, faster and easier to buy and sell cars.

Can you make it easier to buy and sell cars in Victoria?

The service design challenge focuses on one high volume transaction. The challenge is to reimagine and redesign the Vic Roads vehicle registration transfer process. The aim is to make it simpler, faster and easier to buy and sell cars.

Over 900,000 vehicles are bought and sold in Victoria each year. The majority of these are transacted through a dealer; however 330,000 vehicle transactions are via private sale.

Current Service delivery process
Buyers and sellers of vehicles must transfer the vehicle registration. For private sales, the only way to do this is by completing a paper transfer form (in triplicate) and submitting it by mail or in person to Vic Roads within 14 days of sale.

Issues in current service
There are approximately 320,000 private vehicle transfer forms submitted each year. Of these about 100,000 (28% of forms) are submitted incorrectly and require VicRoads follow up.
In a further 10,000 sales the form is not submitted at all resulting in no record of the transfer of ownership, creating issues when a vehicle is next sold.
VicRoads mails about 275,000 letters each year to follow up incomplete vehicle transfer paperwork. The process costs time and frustration for thousands of buyers and sellers, and costs time and money for VicRoads

Common issues in transfer paperwork include
- missing signatures,
- missing or short payments,
- a missing or incorrect Roadworthy Certificate or
- a missing or inaccurate vehicle market value.

Supporting materials
- Vehicle transfer process
- Application for transfer of registration form
- Paper copies of the Application for transfer of registration form are available at Melbourne and City Library venues for reference.

Holes in the Safety Net Indicator

Team Name: 
Safety Net

Holes in the safety net indicator is a national assessment of the concentration of charitable organisations that work with people at risk of homelessness. It shows locations where there are fewer homeless charities and comparatively larger homeless populations, to encourage growth of charitable organisations in those areas most in need.


Safety Net

SafteyNet image of a net protecting the ground
Team Name: 
Safety Net

Safety Net is a website designed to ease communication between homeless or at risk people and the services designed to help them. 

By geocoding data for charitable support services, we can provide an easy to use information source that will allow the newly homeless or at risk to  find the appropriate services easily, thus minimising the danger that they will become trapped with the disadvantages of street life. With a few minutes and an Internet connection, they will be able to find the people that can assist in getting them back on their feet. 


Team Name: 
The Road Warriors



Currently, it's hard, slow and error prone to sell a private vehicle in Victoria. Of the over 300,000 private vehicle transfers, 100,000 of them contained errors. It costs time and money for VicRoads to individually contact the buyer to sort out these errors. Many buyers are completely unaware of the errors they are making.


Greening Space Victoria

Team Name: 
Community Nexus

Greening Space Victoria is about using Melbourne Water land to create more green spaces in Victoria

Stemming off the Greening Space Melbourne, GS Victoria looks at how we can utilise the Melbourne Water land to increase environmental sustainability and accessibility. We look at how we can ‘green’ Victoria through using the Melbourne Water’s land to better facilitate biodiversity, land revegetation and community engagement.


Team Name: 
J Mash

Simplfy the registration transfer process. We aim to plan and mock up an app-based system to make the process of transferring rego from one person to another. Will include authentication and error checking, and sanity checking

Postcode Battle (The Card Game)

Team Name: 
Level 6.3

Now you can fight your suburb against that of your friends!

Using our database built from state and national data, we select all the attributes in which your suburb is more awesome than that of your mates. We present them in a easily understandable way. Now you have real data to prove that your suburb is absolutely the most awesomest! Get battling!!


Simple Transfer

vehicle transfer project logo
Team Name: 

Simple Vehicle Transfer app is a digital version of the Vicroads vehicle transfer form.


EZRego - Taking the pain out of buy and selling cars.
Team Name: 

User Story


This project pertains to the VicRoads vehicle registration transfer¹ process.


The process is currently based around a paper form which is very error prone and is the cause of much wasted human effort, time, and money. There are approximately 336,000 transfers of registration submitted to VicRoads annually and 28% of these are either incomplete, invalid or in dispute.


PTV Viewer

Team Name: 

The project aims at viewing an interactive map of Public Transport of Victoria (PTV).


Team Name: 

This projects aims to showcase Melbourne region’s safe areas for people who choose to walk to their homes from the train stations.


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