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This project was cultivated by the need to assist in spreading "what is" and "where is" knowledge economy in Queensland.

The simplest way our team thought to deliver this need was via a visual medium, in the form of an Infographic.

We believe that the infographic will assist in joining the dots for Queenslanders, to show the important need of forming collaboration between QLD's schools, universities, researchers, businesses and the start-up community ecosystem.

This will ensure that Australia's next economic boom is based on data, knowledge and innovation as part of the world wide digital economy.

It is Important that all Queenslanders understand what "Knowledge Economy" is about, and the critical role it will have in shaping our future.

The Data Sets used to assist in getting this message across, were selected and based on factors and collaboration between the aforementioned groups.

The related data categories predominantly mined were as follows:

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Economic
  • Government
  • Education

  Several key references were used to support the data and assist in merging the data mined into a relatable and useful manner. These were as follows:

  • Science and Innovation Action Plan - Qld Gov 2013
  • Knowledge Economy Market Development Mapping Study - Qld University of Technology 2013
  • Start-up Ecosystem Report - South East Qld 2014 - DSITIA

Four Prize categories were selected:

  1. Where is the knowledge economy in Queensland?
  2. The Best Open Government Data Hack
  3. The Best Data Journalism Hack
  4. Bounty: Statistics data bounty

How we believed we qualified for these prize categories were as follows:

  1. The infographic addresses the components of the challenge about mapping where knowledge economy is in Qld. It provides a functional visual and informative medium, which can be distributed easily. The benefits to Qlder's from this entry is via assisting in raising the awareness of knowledge economy in Qld, and its important role in the future of shaping Qld.
  2. How we displayed and utilised various Gov Data.
  3. Use of an infographic to display information in government.
  4. Gov datasets were used from the Gov Hack data page.

We are also eligible for the Team prize - Best Public Servant Team, as two of the team are currently working for Maranoa Regional Council in Roma Queensland, and our third member is an ex-public servant.


Datasets Used: ABS - Economic Accounts, International Trade, and Finance - Business and Economy - Count of Businesses including entries and exits 2010/14 - Businesses by division - ABS - ISP Data Volumes - QGov - Education QLD - Subject Stats 2014 ABS - Export Destination by State

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