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Hazard Busters

Our project is to help people (especially non-English speaking visitors/ migrants) better prepare and survive emergencies and disasters.

There is a growing number of non-English speaking visitors and migrants in Australia. When visiting or settling into a new region, it is hard to know what emergencies and disasters may be relevant.


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There is so much information available today. Born digital documents can be searched and useful information can be found using cutting edge software technology which outsripts conventional reading methods.

We are experiencing information overload and filter failure.


This project aims to index openly available information and make it available through the open source Google Books software (Google ngram viewer). This is an interesting and easy to use visual interface which allows users to search keywords and search terms to discover information.

50 Shades of Mural

elephant mural in Toowoomba
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Art Critiques

We are creating a guided discovery tour of the Toowomba Murals. Toowoomba has many lanes and alleyways  and the 50+ murals that have been skillfully painted on the laneway walls provide a fascinating and unique tour when you are in the Toowoomba CBD.  To the visitor or resident you can take your smart phone or any smart device, download the Toowoomba Mural Adventure app and indulge in a guided tour of the many lanes with a written and audio description to give you an insight into the artwork and the artist.  To add even more interest the app includes completing the mural puzzles.


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"Struct is a data model and dashboard for viewing the structure of government over time.


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This project was cultivated by the need to assist in spreading "what is" and "where is" knowledge economy in Queensland.

The simplest way our team thought to deliver this need was via a visual medium, in the form of an Infographic.

We believe that the infographic will assist in joining the dots for Queenslanders, to show the important need of forming collaboration between QLD's schools, universities, researchers, businesses and the start-up community ecosystem.


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Things to do outside today (Toowoomba), with a focus on safe, healthy and enviornmentally conscious activities.  Using data sets to help someone decide where to go, and what to do on that day, using your mobile device location.  Based on physical capacities and preferred options (walking, running, cycling, driving, sitting and views) we'll suggest some places and options just right for you and your family.  We'll use climate, events and infrastructure to help you plan your activities and find out more about the place you decide to visit. 

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