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Saving energy is becoming even more crucial in the modern age, but how do we find out what the long term impact of different lifestyle choices will be on our overall energy consumption?

How much energy will running an AC at home take in a typical summer day?

What will be the overall effect of adding another fridge to the house?

By using data collected using smart energy meters from 31 sample households over the course of a year, Energy Informant is a web application which allows users to enter information about their domestic energy usage related habits and appliances and displays information about their estimated power usage based on these factors.

Charts of the usage for each half hour of the day are displayed broken down into the four seasons of the year, allowing for the user to build an intuitive understanding of their energy usage throughout the day, hence educating users about their domestic power usage and guiding their judgment about what changes in lifestyle will correspond to the largest energy efficiency increases. Graphs of both estimated usage and possible improvements are displayed. Changes to the input will result in an evolution of the displayed graphs, allowing users to visualise the degree to which different lifestyle changes will result in increased energy savings.

Energy usage patterns are estimated based on which of the households in the study are the most similar to the user’s household based on the responses that the user gave, with different fields weighted based on their importance. Similar houses will have a more significant impact on the data which is output than less similar houses.

Energy Informant could be modified to perform a similar function for information collected about the domestic usage of other resources such as water or gas. The availability in the future of more detailed statistics on domestic power usage could also be accommodated into the application to improve the accuracy of the results displayed.

The data is sourced according to similarities between ones household and those surveyed. This means that the graphs are highly personalised and produce a represeneitive display of an average days energy consumption. This also allows us to perform what if analysis and find ways for a user to save energy, money and CO2 emmisions.

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Sample household electricity time of use data

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