Cycle Care

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Our Philisophy is to "Serve and protect". Our project forfills this idea as we have designed an application to assists cyclists when riding on the road. we chose this data as one of our group members has had many encounters of crashing whilst commuting on his bike. Many accidents are also caused by cyclists listening to music, unable to hear the environment around them. We were also influenced by the data set, as the task of translating this data into usable data into a user-friendly interface matched out skill set. 

How this application works: It gets the currently location of the person and if it comes within the range of one of the accidents, a subtle notification is pushed as a gentle reminder to take precaution when riding through streets and intersections.

This is for everyone with a mobile device and a bike!

The data that we have used is a JSON file and we have resumed it to plot the locations and display information regarding how the crash had occurred. We rescued it to give the user insightful information on black Spots on the roads to allow them to be weary of these locations, if applicable.

The project satisfies the best mobile app because it uses a very simple and elegant UI to give the user optimum experience of out application. For category health and welfare it tries to give the user insight into hazardous areas, to make sure there is not damage to the health and maintain welfare. In the most useful product section it is useful because it can be used by commuters by bicycle and other motorists (such as cars) as they are often involved in the crashes. This project should be considered for the Best Entrepreneurial Hack, as it ensures the safety of cyclists, great user designed and it is an innovative way of using the government data provided.

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