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Projects developed as mobile apps

This prize will go to the team or individual how submits the best mobile application at GovHack Canberra.

Cycle Care

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Our Philisophy is to "Serve and protect". Our project forfills this idea as we have designed an application to assists cyclists when riding on the road. we chose this data as one of our group members has had many encounters of crashing whilst commuting on his bike. Many accidents are also caused by cyclists listening to music, unable to hear the environment around them. We were also influenced by the data set, as the task of translating this data into usable data into a user-friendly interface matched out skill set. 

Bill Shock

All 'bout them Monashes
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Ode To Code

Bill shock is an end user aimed app which aims to aid consumers and rate-payers with managing their electricity usage and power bill charges byb giving a breakdown to the individual device of the cost of running each device in a household. As such, in turn reduce their emmissions.

Air Compare

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With summers growing hotter and hotter each year, Australians have become increasingly dependant on their air conditioners. However, excessive power consumption during this period continues to deteriorate Australia’s environment and its citizens’ wallets. Air Compare aims to rectify this issue, by providing Australians with an idea of the most efficient air conditioner for them, in terms of usage and entailed costs, ultimately attempting to reduce their power consumption.



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Hackasaurus Rex

Where you live has a huge impact on your quality of life, but when you're looking to move to a new area it can be difficult to find out important liveability information. How fast is the broadband? Is it an area with rich cultural diversity? How safe is it compared to other suburbs?


Your ticket to fun in Canberra
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Alcon United

ExploreCBR is a web and mobile application for tourists and locals to discover everything that Canberra has to offer.

ExploreCBR uses multiple ACT datasets to display the location of various types of public infrastructure around Canberra and the wider ACT region. The app shows the location of sporting, recreational, and leisure facilities in Canberra, as well as standard infrastructure such as public toilets. ExploreCBR allows users to discover interesting and exciting places to go to in Canberra and try out new activities with friends and family. 

Where's my bus?

Where's my bus? Logo
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Where's my bus is an iOS and Web application that helps users plan their journeys using Canberra' public transport bus system. We saw that a major problem with the public transport system at present is accessibility of the data - there is so much data relating to the public transport system that it is very easy to become confused - more than 200 individual routes and 2500 seperate bus stops make it difficult to present all of the data in an accessible format. In our iOS app (developed with Swift 2.0), we have a map of the ACT with a selection of bus stops near your current location.

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