Cemetery Search Information New Zealand

Team Name: 
Vandelay Enterprises

The project we have built is called 'Cemetery Search Information New Zealand(CSI NZ)'.  CSI provides a way to search the cemetery records of all regions in New Zealand that have published their cemetery data online. 
People using this application will have a fast, easy way to find out where relatives are buried, and information about the grave plot - this includes things like viewing the gravestone, finding the location of the grave in the cemetery, identifying the neighbouring plots, etc.
The main use is to assist people who are interested in genealogy and allows them to locate burial records for the country. At present each region in NZ publishes their cemetery data in their own proprietary format, with a huge disparity between the data displayed between regions. This makes it very time consuming and problematic to try and find burial records if you do not know where the person was buried. The interested person would have to visit all the council websites, and search a large amount of databases using different search terms. CSI addresses this issue by aggregating all the data into one location, and providing a rich variety of ways to interact with this data.

The data that we have used has been scraped from council websites around the country as none of the cemetery search options currently have an export ability. CSI will ideally replace all the local cemetery searches and requirement for councils to keep up outdated databases and infrastructure - saving time and money.

Datasets Used: 
All of the data sets here: http://christchurchcitylibraries.com/Resources/History/FamilyHistory/NewZealand/Cemeteries/NorthIslandCemeteryD/index.asp http://christchurchcitylibraries.com/Resources/History/FamilyHistory/NewZealand/Cemeteries/SouthIslandCemeteryD/index.asp These list all the online cemetery info for all council cemetery search databases. All these data sources are from .govt websites.

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