Rearranged energy dataset

Hi fellow GovHackers,

I am currently working with the department of industry and science dataset on the energy rating of household appliances ( While doing this, I noticed that the dataset is very non-uniform and is very hard for a machine to read efficiently. As such, I have modified it to be more user and machine friendly. I have split it into different files based on the brand of the appliance. Those files are sorted into alphabetical order based on the model number. The individual columns in the files contains (in order): Model number, brand, 3 descriptors, the energy consumption in kWh per years (except for air conditioners, where this was not given, it is in kW), and the star rating.

I have decided to format them as such for a few reasons, firstly, it decreases the time it takes to process individual files. Also, I think that what I have included is more what a user would be interested in. I have decided to do this as it makes a user interface simpler and more fluid.

If anybody is producing a hack with the this data I highly suggest that you check this out and hope that it can be a help to you.


Post any queries in the comments and I'll try to get back to you.