Indigenous Population Dot Map of Australia

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Monash City Science

In 2011, there were 699,900 Indigenous people living in Australia, accounting for 3% of the total Australian population. Currently, there is no online interactive map showing the spatial distribution of the indigenous population in Australia at the individual level. Understanding the distribution of different population groups is a key element in the socio-economic planning and policy-making process relating to specific population groups.

This is a map of every indigenous person counted by the 2011 ABS Census. The map has 699,900 dots - one for each person. Try zooming in to see the incredible details. We used ABS Census data from 2011.

We believe the project satisfies the following prize categoies:

  1. The Best Open Government Data Hack for demonstrating innovative approaches to visualise data provided by government.
  2. The Best Policy Insight Hack for developing an interactive tool for planners and policy-makers to get a better and visual idea of the spatial distribution of indigenous population in the country.
  3. ABS Statistics data bounty for using data from ABS Census and producing an open interactive visualisation.
  4. Indigenous issues bounty for contributing to the public awareness of indigenous population and how they are distributed across the country.
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We used ABS Census data (2011) <>

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