Metadata Tag Extractor

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MetaData Extractor


MetaData is as important as Data. While generating data is expected to be done carefully, generating metadata is done as an afterthought, most of the time.

My first plan for GovHack was to do an analysis of the trends and patterns of the metadata of  But after downloading all the metadata and data wrangling, I found out that the dataset tags are not that great.

Your Road Safety

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SIGMA Hackers

Your Road Safety


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Hackosaurus Rex




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Quick and Dirty Wi-Fi Data Visualisation

QDWDV  is an interactive web site which shows the free public Wi-Fi locations in Geelong.

We used the Geelong Wi-Fi Usage data set with the Google Maps JavaScript API to plot the points onto a map of Geelong. The map also shows the approximate effective ranges and some fun statistics about each Wi-Fi location. Each location shows:

Geelong VR

Virtual Geelong
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Geelong VR is an immersive 1:1 scale reconstruction of Geelong in virtual reality. By creating a system to correctly place objects using latitude and longitude data, many different objects were able to be added into the virtual environment directly from the provided data sets.

I came to govhack knowing i wanted to build a virtual reality project, and when i saw that the provided data included 3d models of all buildings in the CBD, the choice was obvious.

Data sets


GreenRun - May all your traffic lights be green
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Is the traffic light ahead red or green?

Imagine a world in which traffic light state data was public? What could you do with that information?


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Lets talk about time travel


An extensible quiz framework for making many types of govt. datasets exciting and relevant to you.

Some of Squizzlr’s superpowers are:
- Provides an engaging quiz that is personalised to you!
- Facebook sharing of results which increases awareness and reach of data

- Meaningful insights into your demographic which further improve engagement
- Personalised graphs for data relevant to you

Are you Road Safe?

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Project Brief

Mighty Ducks Stormwater Tracker

Quack Quack
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Rubber Ducks

Data Story

Being near the ocean is a big part of what makes life in the Geelong area great. We swim in it, eat fish from it, use it for shipping and recreation, or just watch the waves roll in on a stormy day. But our built urban environment influences ocean health in ways that we might not often think about. If you wash your car in the street, throw a chip packet in the gutter, wash some metal shavings off your factory floor down the drain: where do the detergents, hydrocarbons, plastics and heavy metals end up?

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