What we breathe.

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Team Name: 
Studio39 Bravo

Name: What we breathe.


  • To raise awareness of the growing problem of air pollution and its effects on health.

  • To visualise the main areas of air pollution

  • Attempt to display a connection between a rise in air pollution and respiratory problems (Eg: Lung Cancer).


Target audience:

  • Health agencies

  • Environmental agencies

  • General public


How it works:

  • Data has been recorded since 1998 at thousands of industrial sites across Australia, this records the KG per year and the types of chemicals the factories have expelled into the air.

  • We also have data on hospital admission stats and cancer types per region.

  • Combining this data, we can establish a visualisation on a map highlighting any possible trends that may arise.

  • Users can select the type of chemical they are interested/worried about, the year and many other options.

  • Using Google Maps with Googles API to generate heat maps displaying the severity of air pollution in given areas.

  • Numerical indicators on regions displaying the number of recorded health issues.


Going forward:

  • Users will be able to upload their own data to compare with air pollution trends to form their own hypothesis.

  • Implementing land and water pollution records as well.

  • Implementing machine learning to find and report trends between the given dataset and selected pollution.   

Datasets Used: 
+Pollution Data by substance, year and quantity From National Pollutant Inventory, Australian Government of Department of the Environment @ site: http://npi.gov.au/ +Annual Incidence (Average 2009-2011) of Most Common Cancers in Queensland by Local Government Area (LGA) site @ www.health.qld.gov.au/opendata/docs/qccat-2014-10.xlsx Cumulative counts of episodes of care for Queensland public acute hospitals by financial year From Queensland Health site @ https://data.qld.gov.au/dataset/selected-hospital-activity-indicators/resource/fe733245-2a94-46ff-9f3d-b170a44a45c7

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