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This app makes use of gamification to get prospective students interested in higher education. The app constructs a persona based on players' responses to a quiz. The responses from the quiz assigns characteristics, from which persona attributes are then derived. Players are then able to use their persona's to battle other professions. 

nextStep allows players to get real information about courses that may be a good match for them, while making it fun in the process. The app uses data from the Federation University course listing. We've selected a specific sample of courses for our proof of concept (bachelor degrees). From each entry, we've used the degree title, description and career opportunies as we felt this information to be most relevant.

Best use of course information to encourage further study: app uses Federation University course data

Exploring what Victoria has to offer: app is mobile compatible and describes what Victoria can offer in terms of higher education

Bounty: Open Source bounty: makes use of open source JavaScript libraries (AngularJS, node.js, D3.js) and frameworks (bootstrap)

Geelong Open Data Creative Challenge: innovating with gamification for course selection

The Best Digital Transformation Hack: how still data (course listings) can be transformed to engage audiences

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Federation University Australia course data:

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