Ecovalia Game

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Torange Juice

Project Description

Ecovalia is a downloadable "print and play" tabletop board/card game about the development of recreation, conservation and national parks in South Australia. It has the potential to be expanded to be Australia wide.


Data Story

National parks are a vital part of our national, social and environmental landscape. Many key data sets affect outcomes associated with national parks and we’ve tried to incorporate as many relevant data as can simply be interpreted and learned through play.


We initially started with the shape-files available from ‘Conservation Reserve Boundaries’ provided by DEWNR. Choosing a number of well known and regionally interesting parks we geo-positioned them as used this GPS data to determine the concentration of fauna and flora types in the area. This data is obtainable from DEWNR from the ‘Fauna Survey Sites’ and ‘Flora Survey Sites’ data sets. Alexis Tindall, from the Museum SA, has built the ‘Field Guide SA’ app from which we source of our animal facts and descriptions. This is a subset of the data available in the ‘Atlas of Living Australia’.


Game cards were then developed to reflect this data in a beautiful and easily communicated manner. The focus of the game is on Science Communication. Further DEWNR data, including the description of the park is also included on the cards. This data is taken from ‘South Australian Parks – Features and Facilities’.


Further data, related to emergencies, can be pulled from a range of data sources. These might include ‘Fire Service Incidents’ from the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (or similar data set) from which major bush fire frequency can be obtained. It would also be desirable to illustrate both the devastating and regenerating nature of wildfires. This could also be added given the correct access to data.


The intention is to create the frequency of emergency occurrences based on real data so that the number or fires, flood and severe storms, etc. that affect a player’s while playing is linked to data. This will assist in bringing awareness of dangers and damaging effects of bush-fires and other natural disasters.


Future development of the game could include pollutant data sets from EPA such as the ‘South Australian subset of National Pollutant Inventory Data’ and climatic change projections from the ‘SA Climate Ready’ set.

The game can be further tailored, through revisions and/or expansions, to utilize a large array of relevant and interesting data. We’ve already considered marine park and other states/territories editions/expansions.

Ecovalia Game

The national park card game. Grow, thrive, survive.

Datasets Used: South Australian Parks – Features and Facilities Recreational Trail Routes Barbecues and picnics Fauna Survey Sites Fire Service Incidents Historical Flood Mapping Proof of Concept Conservation Reserve Boundaries SA Climate Ready

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