Crime Stalker

We live in the dark, to server the light. We are Crime Stalker.
Team Name: 
Sky Observer

Crime can be the result of different negative behaviours, such as heavy drinking, drugs, accidents, etc. Our website will display user-selected layers on top of each others over Victoria map to shed some light into the connection between crime and other behaviours.

Basic layers include accidents, drug use, various crime type. If an area has a higher density of incidents, it may indicate that something needs to be done in that area.

Data usage: Victoria suburb boundaries dataset, Vicroads accident dataset, crime dataset.

Geoscience bounty: the website requires a map with suburb boundary

OpenSource bounty: we will use Processing 2, which is an Open Source application

The best Digital Transformation hack: this website focuses on visualizing data to determine high-density negative behaviour areas.

The best Policy insights hack: once we layer different data on top of each other, we can see which area may need to be improved.

Best use of data to improve Victorian local government services (or access to services): we use Victorian datasets to figure out the connection between crime and other activities.

Exploring what Victoria has to offer: we use 3 Victorian datasets in our project.

Most innovative use of interdisciplinary data: visualizing data and determine the connection between different incidents.

Datasets Used: 
Victoria Suburb boundary: 5-year accident: Crime statistics:

Local Event Location: