Compare all the things!

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Compare all the things! makes it easier to compare geospatial data sets.

  • What's the difference in land use between these suburbs?
  • How do these local council regions differ in demographics, and what impact does this have on other key indicators?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of setting up a business in this location as opposed to that one?

These are some of the problems we're trying to address.

Compare all the things! is a web application built to handle all kinds of data types for comparison. It's currently able to compare key stats such as land zoning & usage and some census data such as median age & household income. 

The Future

  • Mapping data to allow comparason of sets from different origins. I.e. SA Land Zoning vs NSW Planning & Development land zones
  • Allowing custom data set imports
  • Graphs & Infographics!
  • API to allow others to extract data & build on top 

Technologies Used

  • Ruby, Rails, HTML & CSS
  • PostgreSQL & PostGIS
  • QGIS


Datasets Used: 
SA Land Use & Land Zone Data NSW Planning & Development Land Zoning ABS Suburb & Local Council Area data 2011 Census Data

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