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The best hack to inform people in Geelong about publicly available wifi.

$500 in vouchers to spend at Duxtel
This could include wifi provided by the council and wifi provided in private businesses such as coffee shops and restaurants.
Council Stakeholders: Community Development Suggestions: Be as creative as you like, but here are some suggestions to get you started: 1. Create an interactive map or tool which shows the location of free wifi in Geelong with a short description of how to use it. 2. Do some data collection about the wifi available in private businesses and/or the location of digital furniture and add this to the map. 3. Use the data to explore the most popular wifi hotspots and how that might translate into planning for Central Geelong Data suggestions: • GeelongNet Wifi Data


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Quick and Dirty Wi-Fi Data Visualisation

QDWDV  is an interactive web site which shows the free public Wi-Fi locations in Geelong.

We used the Geelong Wi-Fi Usage data set with the Google Maps JavaScript API to plot the points onto a map of Geelong. The map also shows the approximate effective ranges and some fun statistics about each Wi-Fi location. Each location shows:

Geelong VR

Virtual Geelong
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Geelong VR is an immersive 1:1 scale reconstruction of Geelong in virtual reality. By creating a system to correctly place objects using latitude and longitude data, many different objects were able to be added into the virtual environment directly from the provided data sets.

I came to govhack knowing i wanted to build a virtual reality project, and when i saw that the provided data included 3d models of all buildings in the CBD, the choice was obvious.

Data sets


GreenRun - May all your traffic lights be green
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Is the traffic light ahead red or green?

Imagine a world in which traffic light state data was public? What could you do with that information?

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