Understanding Smoke-Free Areas

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City of Melbourne
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Any hack that helps people identify smoke free areas of Melbourne

Passive smoke from cigarettes is a health risk, particularly for people living with asthma, children and infants, the elderly, or people who are immunocompromised. Everyone should be able to traverse and occupy city spaces without undue risk to their long term health. Many areas of the Melbourne CBD and heavily patronised streets in surrounding areas allow cigarette smoking in public spaces. There is a tension between creating smoke free zones, and avoiding ostracising people who smoke and limiting their participation in public spaces. The City of Melbourne would like to expand areas of the city where people can 'breathe easy' in a smoke­free environment, and would like people to be able to readily identify where the smoke­free zones are to avoid confusion. Create an object or tool that can help people identify smoke free areas of Melbourne. Datasets: CoMPASS ­ Administration ­ Community Services ­ Maternal Child Health CoMPASS ­ Administration ­ ABS Census ­ 2011 CoMPASS ­ Miscellaneous ­ Pedestrian Counting Sensor: www.pedestrian.melbourne.vic.gov.au. CoMPASS ­ Assets ­ Road - Footpath (without gradients) CoMPASS ­ Health Services ­ No Smoking Area

Eureka Melbourne

Eureka Melbourne
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Team Eureka Melbourne

Eureka Melbourne

For GovHack 2015 we decided to encourage Melbourne's citizens and visitors to explore all that it has to offer.
Eureka Melbourne is a web app that you can run on your mobile device or computer. It uses your location to determine if you have visited any of the several hundred points of interest we have compiled from open data.


Pick-A-Park logo
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Feature Creeper and the Creeps

We are a team of culturally diverse female public servants (and two token males). In the last 46 hours we developed Pick-A-Park!

Find the parks nearest to you with the activities that you - or your kids - want to do. That’s the idea behind Pick-A-Park, a web app (optimised for iPhone5) where Victorians can choose the custom icon of the elements they want in a park and be directed to their ultimate free-time/play-time/party-time public destination. Or maybe just the nearest public toilet.

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