Synergy Energising Communities Prize

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The best hack looking at scaling of renewable energy solutions in the WA market.
First place: $2,500, Second place: $1,500, Third place: $500

Synergising Synergies for Sitizens

Dashboard Analysis
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Sitizens Synergising Synergies


Our idea was to answer a simple question for Synergy, how can we work out which suburbs are best-placed for rooftop solar investment? Or, looked at another way, which suburbs will generate enough solar to power themselves and generate a net positive for the grid?

We can answer this question by looking at two aspects:

  • Total Suburb Generation Potential


  • Total suburb consumption

This will give us our Total Suburb Contribution.


To work out our Total Suburb generation potential, we had to work out:

emPOWERed neighbours

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People know they should be doing more… to lower their energy bills and to pay less tax. But saving energy is BORING!!!

So we’re turning everything on its head… we’re going to make saving energy RELEVANT and EXCITING!

Firstly, you don’t have to go it alone.  Be part of a like-minded community…  Challenge each other, celebrate your achievements, make a game of it and have fun!


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Index ALL The Things!


Synergy City 2015 Logo
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Welcome to SynergyCity2015!!

This morning, you and your neighbours got paid, you approved another solar panel installation for your house, and now everyone except that guy in the 5 x 3 on the corner is happy!  SynergyCity is a game designed to introduce you to the costs and benefits of Solar. Level 1 is currently being demoed!

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