SASS place - coworking space for women

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SASS place
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Nominate for this prize category if members of your team will utilise this prize. Winner will be the Team that would benefit from the prize the most.

a Light-start co-working package to a team of up to 3 people for 2 months.
Please note that Sass Place offers co-working and permanent office space to women only (however men are welcome to come in for meetings and workshops).
The Co working space is available for all women in a team. The Team does not have to be all women to nominate for this category.


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BiblioFile seeks to increase social connection through reading- like Tinder for book lovers. It uses public library open data to notify uses of other people with similar reading interests and to connect people with the books that they love. Users can connect with other people who like to read- regardless of location- both online and in the real world. Books can be searched for and requested through the One Card Network - and if it is not available they can request that it is purchased by their local library.

Invest SA

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Project brief


Invest SA is an info graphic portal for providing insights on latest export trends of South Australia.



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FireSA is a fire safety application that alerts you when a bushfire occurs and gives you directions to the nearest bushfire safety zone in your area.

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Burb Wars!

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Zac Plus!

What is the difference between Marion and Modbury? 

Our hack will be a play-off between suburbs to give people a chance to objectively compare suburbs, using more than just the ABS data currently used on Real Estate websites. We aim to make it fun, with a chance to challenge your friends' suburbs on different areas including Road Safety, Income, Crime Stats, health and hospital services, and more!

Please watch our video, it does a great job of explaining:

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