N3xGen Onkaparinga Unleashed

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Onkaparinga Libraries & Department for Education and Child Development.
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Best Entry from an Onkaparinga N3xGen Team

$1,000 worth of Hardware, Gadgets and vouchers


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FireSA is a fire safety application that alerts you when a bushfire occurs and gives you directions to the nearest bushfire safety zone in your area.

Our data: https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/south-australian-bushfire-safer-prec...

Suburb Safety

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Our project,Suburb Safety, aims to display,in and easy to read format, the different level of crime rates per South Australian suburb and the chance of it happeningto you. We designed and built this project for many people but mainly for those who are interested or concerned about the chance of crime in their area. Over the procces of the projects construction we have used many peices of data, but mainly the Crime Mappers 2007-2011 dataset. We re-used this data mainly through compiling it and making it more accessible

Car safety

Sting like a tracker hacker
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tracker hackers

There are more car accidents every day and its becoming more deadly on the roads. This app will inform road users about what roads are safer then others and how to reduce their risk of accidents.

  • it informs road users what road is safer 
  • it tells you how to reduce the risk of accidents 
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