N3xGen Mt Gambier Unleashed

Supported By: 
The Friends of Mount Gambier Library & Department for Education and Child Development
Eligibility Criteria: 
Best entry from a Mount Gambier N3xGen Team (All team member must be 18 years or under)

$1,000 worth of Hardware, Gadgets and vouchers


Team Name: 

AusEd is a website designed to explore possible causes of a highly unacceptable low student retention rate in Australian Schools; whether there is a social, medical, health or a combination of these as causes.

If so, then need for policy changes.

The website is available to everyone who is interested in making a difference to the economic and society state of Australia. The website uses various data sources to determine possible causes to the low retention rate by displaying in a colourful and attractive way so that the data can easily be interpreted.

Walk By WiFi

Team Name: 
Drew's WiFi

Walk by WiFi. Is an interactive application developed Drew Hutton for the GovHack Data unleashed competition in mount gambier.

This application has been developed for the general community in need of data when out and about. In order to achieve this kind of functionality a couple of data sets were necessary to use, these included the “Adelaide Free Access Point Locations” dataset and the Australian beau of statistics “Characteristics of Internet Access”.

The Application has been developed for multiple platforms including iOS and Android systems,

Adelaide's Attractions

Team Name: 
The Nexgen Musketeers

City Outdoors

City Outdoors
Team Name: 

We're OutsideIn, a team of students (Brendan Bachmann, 17, Caleb Bachmann, 15, and Jess Leaver, 15), that came together at N3XGEN Unleashed Mount Gambier. Our entry is City Outdoors, an app that helps and encourages residents, visitors and workers in the Adelaide CBD to find and utilise outdoor public spaces.

The app is powered by the following datasets:


Red sinking ship
Team Name: 

We are a team of 3 people that decided to build a website to show people ship locations and the history behind that ship. We focused on around 6 ships (down from around 700) for a proof of concept. We made a web site showing the location of these ships with pictures of the ships as well and a page for each ship with a brief summary of the ship, we did this using 3 data sets, one for the locations, another for photos of the ship and another for another picture. We sourced some information from books as well.

USS Plan X

Team Name: 
Sojourners 2.0

Our project is a set of heatmaps for different forms of crime which occurred across South Australia. We settled on this idea because our prior ideas were not viable with the data we had access to. The heatmaps would allow for a comparison of crime rates in each council district.

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