N3xGen Adelaide

Supported By: 
Department for Education and Child Development
Eligibility Criteria: 
Best Entry from an Adelaide N3xGen Team (All team member must be 18 years or under)

$1,000 worth of Hardware, Gadgets and vouchers

Population Leaf

Datagen - Data analysed by the Next generation
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Population Leaf is a visual depiction of the gender wise distribution of employable population as a percentage of the total population of Australia.

We introduce the Chlorophyll Ratio as a unique concept, along with unique representation of bulky data

School Facility Finder

Data analysed by the next generation
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A need was felt to have a single view of all the facilities offered by schools in South Australia.


Three dimensional purple cube with text MinAdelaide
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Nathaniel loves Minecraft and other kids would like to explore a city in Minecraft. In this project you can explore the city of Adelaide and discover historical information as well as having a look around. You might want to change a few things by adding or taking away a few blocks. Maybe you want to remove a really ugly building or change it. Anything is possible.

We've used the Adelaide City Council 3D model of Adelaide and data from the SA History hub (Places) to put in historical information into our Minecraft world.

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