Implementation of Ballarat's 10 Minute City Strategic Vision

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City of Ballarat
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Use Ballarat Data, State Data

Prize Value: $1000
Looking for applications, data visualisations or tools to help inform Ballarat City Council's strategic vision for a '10 minute city'
The Ballarat City Council's 'Ballarat Strategy' outlines the proposed move towards the '10 minute city' ideology in which general services, schools, shops and business centres are situated within a 10 minute walking or cycling radius by the majority of residents. However being a predominantly car-centric metropolis, Ballarat residents will need to be introduced to, or reminded of the benefits of walking, riding or using public transport including health and fitness and socialising and engaging with the community. A response to this challenge could incorporate some of the following themes: accessibility, food security, tourism, community engagement in city development approval, mapping a changing city, transport or sustainability.

Postcode Battle (The Card Game)

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Level 6.3

Now you can fight your suburb against that of your friends!

Using our database built from state and national data, we select all the attributes in which your suburb is more awesome than that of your mates. We present them in a easily understandable way. Now you have real data to prove that your suburb is absolutely the most awesomest! Get battling!!


Ballarat Minute

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This year the City of Ballarat is looking at ways that data can help them achieve their '10 Minute City' strategic vision.

From "Today Tomorrow Together - The Ballarat Strategy":

Australia Local Story Map

Australia Local Story Map
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We're Rstar, Ye and WenYan.

10 Minute City Planr

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Ballarat Hackerspace Beta

Ballarat 10 Minute Planr


What is it?

The Ballarat 10 Minute Planr is an app that lets you visualise the vision of Ballarat as a 10 minute city - that is, being able to travel to essential services within 10 minutes. The current vision is enabled through driving, however the vision is to support 10 minutes by walking, riding, and public transport.

Who are you?

We are Brett James, Josh Stewart, and Robert Layton from the Ballarat Hackerspace.

What is that?

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