Best use of NSW Data

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NSW Government
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Using data from 

Best use of NSW Government Data 
$2,000 (Winner), $1,000 (Runner-up) & $1,000 (Runner-up).


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I'm a student of data science that can't code. I wanted to join some data sets together to inform the public about NSW local government areas (LGAs). The visualisations have been created using tableau public which means anyone can access the underlying work books and, for those that don't, the data sources are all accredited and linked to for direct access.


Solar Panel
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Solar is a sustainable energy source and an alternative to fossil fuels. The first solar cell was constructed by Charles Fritts in the 1880's. 230 plus years later, energy produced by solar is still a fraction of all energy consumed globally.

Our team chose to create a solar calculator that enables and empowers individuals to make an informed choice to answer the question ‘why’ they should choose to switch based on the financial savings along with reducing their carbon footprint.


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What's up doc?

The problem that we wanted to tackle is the unawareness of diseases among the population. We started from the concept that a disease is much easier to prevent than to cure.

The project is to create a user-friendly platform that would bring in meaningful information drawn from the various government research to improve your life expectancy and general health.

Gender Equality

Screenshot of Gender Eqaulity
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It is incredibly important to expose equality data.

I've build a data visualisation of gender equality data from the  Workplace Gender Equality Act dataset.


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Team Null


We chose to build ClearGov, to provide government information in a more accessible and transparent format. ClearGov is for citizen journalists, and any member of the public interested in what a politician has said on the record. 

Our Solution


Predicting Australia's future infrastructure needs
Team Name: 
School of Rock


NSW govt representative said that there currently is a problem where schools are unable to predict their future enrolmnet numbers, and new building take four years and up to build. So we decided to solve that problem


A data visualisation for predicted infrastructure needs going into the future.


Governmnet Dept such as  NSW planning to predict need for school buildings



Team Name: 
Mystery Team

We are a bunch of professionals passionate about current issues in health care and really want to make a difference in people's life.

We have worked together Dr Smita Shah and Coralie Wales, in Primary Health Care Education and Research Unit and Kim Smyth, Head of Commercial Innovation in a large pharmaceutical company to develop a prioritised list of issues to tackle.

We are determined to offer an engaging way to assist youth in Australia dealing with mental illness, and more particularly depression.

Secret Suburb

Secret Suburb logo
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Our purpose is to empower people by making the move from place to place simple, efficient, and stress free. Whether you’re thinking about moving, or have plans to move elsewhere, Secret Suburb is the place for you to find another place like home. We look at the cultural makeup of a suburb in additional to the usual demographic data.


Local Heroes
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Our project brings the ANZAC story closer to home. There are many commemorative events coming over the next three years to do with the Great War and we wanted people to feel some connection with those events. Local Heroes uses information from the national archives and the NSW State Library's collection of diaries and letters to link to those who came from a user's local area. The national archives have the enlistment records for all who served in the Australian forces in the War, along with their birth locations so we can connect them modern localities.


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Problem Statement:
Throughout Australia there are thousands of Volunteers (with over 532,110 working part-time and committing collectively over 2 536 738 hours) selflessly donating their time and efforts for the betterment of Australians. Without these volunteers much needed services in areas of need would not exist. Yet, despite the vast number of charities available many people are unaware of their activities, or dont know how to help in areas which are more remote. 


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