Best use of LCC data

Supported By: 
Launceston City Council
Eligibility Criteria: 
Must use LCC data

Most innovative, complete and interesting use of data provided by LCC.

Trading on Reality

The real cost to society
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What if we had a system, whereby, it was the responsability of each individual, to allocate their "tax" dollars, and to choose where these dollars are to be invested, how much to allocate to such things as education, health and sciences, versus say that of defense expendature, or corporate bailouts. A world where collectively, we invested as much time as understanding our own systems and investing and shaping our future, as we did posting images of cats wearing watermelon helmets...

Talk Gov To Me

Team Name: 
We are not statistics

Talk Gov To Me is 41st Degree Software's submission for GovHack 2015.

Users access Government data through a mobile app, using voice recognition to query a mash up of Open Government data-sets made available for the GovHack 2015 competition.

Talk Gov To Me then responds to the query, using text to speech, to speak directly to the user.

Trash Timer||Rubbish Reminder

Team Name: 
Cool Kids Club

Trash Timer||Rubbish Reminder is an app built to assist Launceston City Council area residents in putting out their garbage receptacle at the appropriate time of the week/month.

The Gentlemen Bushranger

Team Name: 
Dank HAM

Our project is designed to be an educational insight into 18th century Van Diemens land, Tasmania. In a time when the majority of the population was composed of convicts,  British soldiers and free-settlers. We chose this topic to increase appreciation for education and history of Tasmania. We also wanted to promote awareness to the existence of data surrounding our early beginnings as a colony, and to promote this data being made easily accesible in an easy to use form.

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