Best National Data Comparison

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GovHack National
Eligibility Criteria: 
Data from at least 3 jurisdictions
Use data from at least 3 jurisdictions to compare or analyse the data to reveal new insights. 
For example compare financial data, or transport data from Vic, NSW, and QLD. 

IGOR - an AGOR assistant

Hackasaurus Wrecks
Team Name: 
Hackasaurus Wrecks

We enhanced the data available within the Australian Government Organisations Register into a user friendly format, so that it can be easy understand what Government portfolios exist and how they change over time.

IGOR represents Government Organisation data in a sortable, searchable and paginated format. It allows the user to drill-down, and view the history of a field for a particular entity. This history view provides a clear picture of how the dataset has changed over time.

Crash Story

Crash Story
Team Name: 
Hugh Evans

Crash Story is a platform to research and annotate road accidents, developing them into narratives for the purposes of reflection and providing increased awareness of road safety.

Bill Shock

All 'bout them Monashes
Team Name: 
Ode To Code

Bill shock is an end user aimed app which aims to aid consumers and rate-payers with managing their electricity usage and power bill charges byb giving a breakdown to the individual device of the cost of running each device in a household. As such, in turn reduce their emmissions.

Air Compare

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With summers growing hotter and hotter each year, Australians have become increasingly dependant on their air conditioners. However, excessive power consumption during this period continues to deteriorate Australia’s environment and its citizens’ wallets. Air Compare aims to rectify this issue, by providing Australians with an idea of the most efficient air conditioner for them, in terms of usage and entailed costs, ultimately attempting to reduce their power consumption.



Team Name: 
Hackasaurus Rex

Where you live has a huge impact on your quality of life, but when you're looking to move to a new area it can be difficult to find out important liveability information. How fast is the broadband? Is it an area with rich cultural diversity? How safe is it compared to other suburbs?

Bridge the Ditch

Bridge the Ditch
Team Name: 
Data Vizards

Bridge the Ditch

New Zealand is on-board for Govhack 2015!

We heard the news and felt at ease.  New Zealanders joining Govhack is like welcoming your first cousin into your home. Australians and New Zealanders know each other. We seem to have stood together throughout the years. We have shed blood together, in way too many wars. We have cheered together, but rarely for the same team. And we have shed tears together through national heartache and hardships.


Team Name: 
A Family Affair


A team of newbie Hackers called #AfamilyAffair. We are: 2 parents and 2 kids - the other 2 younger kids were just along for the ride.  We were unable to get our mic to work to record the audio. We're trying to fix it so can hopefully upload a video with audio soon. 

Project Overview


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Final Initial Solutions

How well do you know Australia?

  • Answer our fun questions created from Australian open data with the locaton you think it relates to
  • Try to get a top score
  • Share with your friends

Twitter Field Guide

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To get started simply tweet '@FieldGuideAU [your location]'. Dont forget to replace [your location] with your actual location :)!

Use Your Words

Use your words logo
Team Name: 
66% Teague


Use Your Words aims to show how the tone and subject matter of Australian local news stories changes over time and space, using ABC Local Online Photo Stories 2009-2014 data.

We scrape the text of each story from the ABC website and create a word cloud, hoping to capture the broad subject of the story and visualise it simply in a few words. The word cloud is displayed at the story's location in an animation alongside other word clouds on NICTA's National Map.

Thus, Use Your Words shows us who's saying what, when, where, all across Australia over five years.


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