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For the best hack that shows the greatest potential impact on citizens and how they interact with or receive services from Government. Winner: 3 months unlimited co-working at Spacecubed for the winning team.

Synergising Synergies for Sitizens

Dashboard Analysis
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Sitizens Synergising Synergies


Our idea was to answer a simple question for Synergy, how can we work out which suburbs are best-placed for rooftop solar investment? Or, looked at another way, which suburbs will generate enough solar to power themselves and generate a net positive for the grid?

We can answer this question by looking at two aspects:

  • Total Suburb Generation Potential


  • Total suburb consumption

This will give us our Total Suburb Contribution.


To work out our Total Suburb generation potential, we had to work out:


Team Name: 
Index ALL The Things!


Team Name: 

“Letting you set the values that you value”

Definition of the problem.

When investment or development decisions are being made, decision makers will often focus on the dollar value of the solution being proposed. While this is a valid measure to use, it can often lead us to overlook the many other values that people hold with respect to the development area proposed. Cultural concerns, ecological impacts and access to people and resources.


Should I Drive

Shoould I Drive?
Team Name: 
Should I Drive

Issue: To determine the best method of transport around the city?

Solution: Produce a mobile web-app that utilises various government open data sources and Google maps to provide insight into various categories of benefits and disadvantages of the different types of transport available to get to your destination.


Synergy City 2015 Logo
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Welcome to SynergyCity2015!!

This morning, you and your neighbours got paid, you approved another solar panel installation for your house, and now everyone except that guy in the 5 x 3 on the corner is happy!  SynergyCity is a game designed to introduce you to the costs and benefits of Solar. Level 1 is currently being demoed!


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Open Wifi Party Train

Internet of Transport things.

One of our Western Australian local challenges was to come up with a way of providing realtime train passenger sizes.

We decided to use an IoT device that estimates passenger density based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

We are building two key interfaces for consuming this information.

  1. A passenger focused tool that gives upcoming train data.
  2. A network exploration tool that allows people to visualise the entire network in realtime and also examine past trends.


Team Name: 
The Owls

Owl opens up political government data making it more approachable to Australian citizens.

Owl's primary function is to analyse government transcripts extracting information relevant to key topics and transmitting this information visually on a platform as well as through contextual twitter feeds.

yes we ckan

Open data? YES WE CKAN!
Team Name: 
Bangers n' Mashup

On the front end: An example of citizens using our CKAN installation to discover data about Beeliar Wetlands.

On the back end: A data catalogue with step-by-step installation instructions so each State Government agency can run their own CKAN catalogue.

## Justificaton for prizes

# Bounty: Open Source bounty
CKan is a primary part of our architecture, and is open source.

# Bounty: Scientific data bounty
We're using data from the NatureMap service, with data on endangered species within certain bounds.

Rubber Side Up

Team Name: 
Rubber Side Up

This project provides a tool for analysing statistics and interrogating individual reported traffic accidents involving cyclists around WA from 2010 to 2014, with the data provided by Main Roads WA. Crashes are classified by severity (fatalities, requiring hospitalisation, property damage), and what sort of other vehicles are involved. Crashes can be hidden or displayed from view based on these classifications, or based on the speed limit of the local roads, also available from Main Roads.


Team Name: 
caffeinate me

I wrote it to showcase how easy it is to embed ABS.stat data visuals inside a web page with some Software I wrote called 'SDMX-sax Faces'.
This allows me to create visualisations, save them for later viewing, and
embed them into a web page.
I was free to concentrate on developing the User Interface for AboutOz rather
than wrangling with the technical challenges with visualising ABS data.


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