WWI Parramatta Soldiers

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Team Alabama

The dataset that we started from was provided by Geoff Barker from Parramatta City Council Heritage Centre, which had been manually collated by volunteers. This data took the form of a spreadsheet that matched soldiers' names, service numbers, and some extra information about each soldier, focussing on soldiers that originated in the Parramatta area. We were also provided with a set of soldier profile photos matched with these soldiers via unique IDs.

We used the NAA's SODA API to access further service records, in the form of scanned paper records. This data was collated with the existing Parramatta soldier records, and made available from our core site. Previous to our work, there were about 4000 high resolution images available, but we were able to increase that number to around 10,000 through automatic scraping. We also pre-processed these high resolution images and ran an image tile server to allow for smooth zooming and panning for the client, to view these documents close-up in a browser. 

We performed some manual data entry from scanned Casualty Forms to create a local database storing the movements of the soldiers around the globe during their tour of duty. We provide an animated world map which shows the path the soldier took in their service, providing information about the events that occurred at each location.

The result is a centralised site to access biographical data for Parramatta's WWI soldiers, including easy access to SODA's scanned service records, along with an interactive map which tells the story of the soldier's tour of duty.

The open source libraries used to build our application were:

JavaScript Libraries:
  - jQuery (JavaScript DOM manipulation framework)
  - d3.js (JavaScript Data Visualisation framework)
  - OpenLayers3 (JavaScript Mapping library)
  - MirrorDoor (JS for image)

Python Libraries:
  - pyMongo
  - Flask
  - SimpleJSON
  - pyCSV
  - Django

Other Libraries:
  - MongoDB (Server)
  - IIPImage Server (Server)
  - PostreSQL (Server)
  - ImageMagick (Image Manipulation)

Datasets Used: 
- Parramatta soldiers' service data provided by Geoff Barker from Parramatta City Council Heritage Centre - Service records from NAA SODA (http://soda.naa.gov.au/) The data provided by the Parramatta City Council Heritage Centre was collated from the following sources: - Parramatta and District Soldiers (book) - Published by Cumberland Argus in 1920 (portraits, origins, etc). - AWM Embarkation Records (https://www.awm.gov.au/) - NAA 'Discovering ANZACS' (http://discoveringanzacs.naa.gov.au/) - Trove (http://trove.nla.gov.au/)

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