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We are a team consisting of 2 developers, 1 public servant and 1 concerned member of the public.

Our team has developed a web app employing the Victorian Government’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) dataset and other complementary datasets. It intends to provide a one-stop-shop for finding information about local VET providers.

VET enrolments make up a 69% share of total enrolments in higher education in Victoria in 2014. The main audience of our web app are young and mid-aged adults trapped in low skill, low paid jobs and want to skill up to improve their future. The audience includes more mature workers who have been retrenched from low skill jobs and need an easily accessible source of information.

Bounty: Statistics data bounty
We provide a spatial representation of the SEIFA data, particularly in the context of VET training providers.

The Best Open Government Data Hack
Our project makes extensive use of government datasets and collates them in a unique and useful way.

Best use of course information to encourage further study
Our submission specifically targets this prize category by collating data not only about VET providers but also about other complementary resources at a local level. It is our hope that this service will facilitate greater enrolment in higher education at a local level.

By providing localised VET resource information, we also hope to facilitate employers’ training needs by highlighting the most accessible VET providers for their employees.

Best use of data to improve Victorian local government services (or access to services)
Our place-based representation of VET provider coverage, particularly incorporating Learn Local centres, provides a useful presentation of where there are gaps in training funding and provision.

Creating connected communities
A component of our web app is displaying Volunteer Resource Centres. By facilitating contact with these centres, and highlighting their place as part of the VET ecosystem (through work experience), we’re hoping to strengthen local communities.

Planning for our Future
Given the importance of higher education, particularly as a continuous process over a person’s life, effective planning in this area is critical. We see centralising the data as an important component in process.

Datasets Used: 
--VET Training Providers - --Learn Local Locations - --SEIFA Indexes - --DHS office locations - --Volunteer resources centre - --Volunteer resources centre 2 - --Public Internet Locations - --PTV Shapefiles - --LGA Shapefiles -

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