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The real cost to society
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What if we had a system, whereby, it was the responsability of each individual, to allocate their "tax" dollars, and to choose where these dollars are to be invested, how much to allocate to such things as education, health and sciences, versus say that of defense expendature, or corporate bailouts. A world where collectively, we invested as much time as understanding our own systems and investing and shaping our future, as we did posting images of cats wearing watermelon helmets...

Using a trading type platform and environment, in order to allow the allocation and distribution of tax expendature, by individuals, in the same fashion as one would buy and sell stocks, and invest in companies on the New York Stock Exchange, whereby we invest in the future direction of our populace and our country and have a direct say in the focus and delegation of this capital.

This principle behind this type of management is based on the law of averages, or jelly beans in the jar, being collectively we know the answers to most problems, and the power of collective intelligence is often under rated. The more estimations you collect, the closer you get to the real answer, collectively we know what is best, what needs to be done, but unfortunately, what is the right or even humane decision to make, is often ignored.

Further applications for such an environment could be trading on and investing in such things as research into medical and scientific studies, educational mediums and projects of this nature. Imagine getting a tax rebate or a return on investing in education, a portfolio that comprises of investment in the future of soceity, as apposed to that of products and companies, a system free from manipulation and corruption...a free system...a fundamental component in the direction of a real democracy, an its true meaning of being for the the people!

With the recent insurgance and popularity of crowd funding, we have seen an exponential interest in non conventional investments, and a great medium, in which virtually anyone, with a great idea, can potentially receive funding, for anything from a pebble watch, to an automatic beehive, providing honey on tap.

How much longer can we proceed down a path of the exchange of energies, that is reliant of a system of management and governance, that spends more of its time blaming the apposing or previous administrators, as apposed to ammending the innacuracies and inefficiencies of the system itself.

NOTE: This system is to be combined with and utulise correlation engine

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