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Tilder makes it easier for a user to identify and read local feature stories on their mobile device. The application displays a headline, photo and tags in one frame to accommodate the short attention span of everyday readers. The user has the choice to swipe left (“To Skip”) or right (“To Save") to rank the article’s likability. The end result is to educate readers of Australia's local personas and communities through these stories.

1. Why did you choose to build it?

Tilder intends to make feature stories in Australia more accessible in a sleek, responsive and user-friendly interface. It makes news more entertaining and fun to read for time sensitive individuals.

The primary problem readers have with the ABC news website is that its difficult to navigate and engage with relevant content. Australian local feature stories are often lost in the clutter from international and political hard news. Furthermore, the modern Internet consumers expect ‘instant gratification and quick fixes’ caused by shorter attention spans. So, how do we give you that thing that you didn’t know you liked?

2. What does it do?

The platform features an interactive swipe function (left, right, double-tap to open) to rate the user’s interest in the available journalistic stories. Through the ranking system the application interface increases the discoverability of lost articles. Moreover, it derives a profile of preferences that delivers tailored stories to the reader using a [basic intelligence system].

3. Who is it for?

Tilder aims to target readers (e.g. students and commuters) who prefer well-written, light-hearted soft news when in time-sensitive or stressful situations. The application is positioned to fit within the time-frame of regular behavioural routines: it could provide entertainment on a train ride to work, the 5 minutes waiting for the lift, or the 10 minutes you spend in the morning on the toilet. 

4. What data we intend to use/how its been used?

The application is a user-friendly platform that allows the user to explore, search, and read local articles from the ABC Local Photo Stories 2009 – 2014 database. 

5. Future Developments and Benefits

Potentially, the application could include other news archives and expansion into related multimedia content such as video and audio. Furthermore, the application could measure user engagement (time spent reading the article, looking at the lead/photo before opening, etc.) and map out common “interests” (or profiles). Additional functions: Article read time – how long will this article take to read?


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Datasets Used: 
ABC Local Online Photo Stories 2009-2014 Link: https://data.gov.au/dataset/abc-local-online-photo-stories-2009-2014

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