Synergising Synergies for Sitizens

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Sitizens Synergising Synergies


Our idea was to answer a simple question for Synergy, how can we work out which suburbs are best-placed for rooftop solar investment? Or, looked at another way, which suburbs will generate enough solar to power themselves and generate a net positive for the grid?

We can answer this question by looking at two aspects:

  • Total Suburb Generation Potential


  • Total suburb consumption

This will give us our Total Suburb Contribution.


To work out our Total Suburb generation potential, we had to work out:

  • Solar exposure in the Perth area
  • The the usable roof space for solar
  • The total roof space (in metres squared) for suburbs in perth
  • Efficiency of tier 1 panels

For the variables here which we don’t have, we’ve given conservative estimates. This gives us our Suburb Generation potential. To work out how much power a suburb consumes by getting the average power consumption of houses in that suburb, and multiplying it by the number of houses in that suburb.

By calculating this, we have developed a tool which we can use to understand which suburbs can contribute to the grid and which ones need to be subsidised by the grid.


Datasets Used: 
Landgate's SLIP Resedential Building Polygon Data - Synergy Residential Energy Consumption Data Landgate's SLIP Local Structure Plans - WA Suburb/Locality Boundaries: PSMA Administrative Boundaries - SMART City Survey Solar System Output Calculator - 8731.0 Building Approvals, Australia, May 2015 - Synergy Solar Payback Calculator - Estimating Solar System Yields -

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