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"Struct is a data model and dashboard for viewing the structure of government over time.

The Department of Finance maintains the Australian Government Organisations Register, which tracks over a thousand Government entities, bodies and relationships. The problem is that only active entities are kept in the Registry and there's no visibility of how the data is changing over time (aside from a manually-generated change log).

My solution was to take the existing Register, improve the data model and build views to demonstrate the kind of insight you can pull out of it."



I could have implemented as a custom system, but I wanted the project to live beyond GovHack and for the Department of Finance to adopt it. Which meant: it musn't require any new infrastructure and couldn't be wildly different for their staff to use.

So--I constrained myself to do it entirely in Excel. (It proved quite the learning experience!)


For the data model: I used AGOR datasets from and from their website (see Datasets Used) and separated time-sensitive data (like the budget) so that a time series could be recorded. I added a 'Ceased' column to track entities that no longer exist and did a bit of fuzzy matching to merge in AGOR's 'Register movements' log.


For the dashboard: I used Power View + Power BI to create a few views of the data including a way to look at changes for specific timespans, the lifetime of entities, the kinds of entities and the distribution of budget.


Now that we have a time series to work with, it'd be great to inject historical data of every entity and then play with scrubbing backward and forward through time and seeing how government structure changes.


Struct is a simpler way to collect and publish Register information and to detect and describe changes in the structure of government.

Datasets Used: 
* Australian Government Organisations Register (all versions) * Australian Government Organisations Register movements

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