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Home is where the heart thrives. So what’s in a recipe for a good home? Perhaps a pristine environment rich in recreational opportunity encapsulated by a safe social setting and vibrant culture? Find out what your recipe is and where you can find it using Soulmap. This tool takes essential lifestyle aspects unique to the needs of you and your family, and displays ideal locations throughout Aotearoa. This site was created in order to help New Zealander's to find their perfect home.

The SoulMap team has developed a framework for combining and weighting datasets at different spatial scales to produce heat-maps. Using the Google Maps API SoulMap connects users with areas that identify with their answers from the SoulMap questionnaire. For example mashing together District Health Board data with Police District data and Census area unit data. Via the interface SoulMap enables you to weight and adjust the importance of various factors. This is done via a standard LAMP stack, Angular JS and a Google maps API. We can take an arbitrary data source, create a mapping template if it’s a scale we haven’t worked with before, and then include it in the SoulMap application. While we can start with preferences and weight different data sources on the map, we can also play with the weightings to find what we need to do make location a better place to be. We planned but didn’t implement, a time travel slider to see how things are changing over time and to look forward in time.  

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Data Sources: Methodology Created point grid over the extent of the country using QGIS. The attributes from the administrative boundaries shapefiles were merged with the points, and then exported in csv format for use in an SQL Database.

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