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Simple Vehicle Transfer app is a digital version of the Vicroads vehicle transfer form.

It is designed to be completed on one mobile device, with both the seller and buyer present. Data is securely submitted and a high resolution photo of both party's signatures is required (i.e. black pen on white paper signature). Form checking is done both client and server side to ensure hacking is minimised. A photo taken of the front of the car with the registration plate clearly shown can also be required to ensure security. Photos will be checked on the device for timestamps that are not in the future nor more than one week old.

Two factor authentication is necessary, either by email or SMS to ensure security as a final step of the submission process. Transfer fees can probably be processed on the device  by linking the form submission reference number to the VicRoads online payment system, alternatively a BPay reference number is also provided upon successful form submission.

Integration with an existing database should be possible with data being transformed into the appropriate format. Photo's of the signature can be converted into black and white to reduce file size and photos of the registration plate just need to undergo OCR (optical character recognition) to ensure it correlates with the form.

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VicRoads Vehicle Transfer related forms (

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