Should I Drive

Shoould I Drive?
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Should I Drive

Issue: To determine the best method of transport around the city?

Solution: Produce a mobile web-app that utilises various government open data sources and Google maps to provide insight into various categories of benefits and disadvantages of the different types of transport available to get to your destination.

We chose to report on the categories of: health, safety, cost and time through using open data sources made available through the local state and national governments.

The application is aimed at people who normally drive to work and are unaware of the benefits associated with other forms of travel available to them.

Data: The following data was accessed to feed into the categories and produce a simple rating system though colour icons viewed in the application.


Datasets Used: 
Weather data from BOM for forecast from Suburb Boundaries from Accident Data from SLIP Crime Statistics from Transperth Spatial Zone Data from AIHW - Risk Factors contributing to chronic disease

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