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The Shipster site has been designed and built by a group of people from Hackerspace Adelaide with a stowaway from Flinders University School of Humanities. The aim of this site is to use maritime heritage data, mapping data and photographs in combination with historical data about passenger transport and immigration, to assist people in researching their ancestors who travelled by ship to Australia or within Australia.  It helps visitors build stories about their ancestors and engage in the cultural history of South Australia.  With family history research being a growing hobby and occupation, genealogists and historians will find this a very useful tool.

As an active group of Open Source advocates Adelaide Hackerspace members use Open Source applications in our everyday lives due to its customizability, freedom and flexability.  It is especially useful when working with Open Data because it adheres to Open Standards.

Open Source Technology Used:

Programming - Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Vim, Natural Language Toolkit
Database File (CSV and DBF) viewing / editing - LibreOffice
Image Editing - Gimp
Video Editing - Open Shot
Mapping -OpenStreetMap and Leaflet
Browsers - Firefox and Chromium
Operating Systems (instead of Windows or OSX) - Linux Mint DE and Ubuntu

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Datasets Used: 
South Australian Shipwrecks Data: SA Memory:, South Australian Photographs SLSA: Major ports: Reefs:

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