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Our purpose is to empower people by making the move from place to place simple, efficient, and stress free. Whether you’re thinking about moving, or have plans to move elsewhere, Secret Suburb is the place for you to find another place like home. We look at the cultural makeup of a suburb in additional to the usual demographic data.

Annually, almost 350,000 people move interstate and half a million people move to Australia. Our tool will benefit those who are moving interstate, migrants new to Australia, locals who are looking to buy, rent or invest, and even for businesses to determine where they want to be located. It’s a tool that’s easy to commercialise and easily available for the general public.

Secret Suburb uses ABC news reports (tags, location) to gain an understanding of the culture of a region to create a similarity engine that finds similar regions. We enhanced the data by crowdsourcing over 4,000 submissions in the spirit of GovHack where people helped us determine if a series of words was positive or negative. The similarity ranking is strengthened by demographics information from the ABS dataset and NSW crime datasets. The cultural similarity engine is original and unique in that it takes into account cultural data rather than just statistics such as demographics. We bring regional stories to all Australians through relevant context based suburb results.

We could commercialise the idea by selling access based on levels of accuracy. A basic version could be free, whilst businesses could be charged more for more accurate data.

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